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Do you exchange currency?

No, we do not exchange currency, but we do send MoneyGram wire transfers all over the world - you can specify that the money you send be received in that country’s currency.





Can I speak to the manager?
Yes! All of our managers would be more than happy to serve you if you have any problems, questions, and/or comments. If you are not sure to whom you must speak, call our headquarters at 718-665-0778.
Are all Rite Check stores the same?
All of our Rite Check locations offer the same products and services, and are all dedicated to offering you the best possible assistance. The only difference is the hours that different stores are open. Check our Store Locator to see which stores are open for which hours.
Where are your other stores located?
You can see where all of our stores are located by clicking on "Store Locator" link that is to the right of this screen. (It is under the box titled "Quick Links")
What are your store hours?

You can view our store hours by clicking on "Store Locator" link that is to the right of this screen. (It is under the box titled "Quick Links")

Do you send faxes?

If you need to fax or copy an important document we make these services available to our customers.

Faxes are $2 per page and copies are 0.50¢ per page.

What phone card amounts do you sell?

We sell almost every phone card available -- phone cards costing between $2 and $100, depending on the service provider. If you want to see if we sell the phone card you want to buy, call our main office at 718-665-0778. 

Do you sell phone cards?

Through our Blackstone on line service you can purchase just about any phone card on the market!

Whether for use on your cell phone, or for an international call, RiteCheck offers a huge selection of prepaid phone cards.

Do you sell MetroCards?

We offer most of the Limited and Unlimited MetroCards offered by NYC Transit.

How much does the coin machine charge?

We charge a 10% fee for coin redemption.

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