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What's Important at RiteCheck? -- Customer Service, Integrity, Innovation

At RiteCheck we strive to be the premier provider of financial services to the communities we serve. We seek to define and then lead the category of “transaction based financial services.” There are three main principles that guide us.


Customer Service -- At RiteCheck the customer comes first. When a customer presents us with a check we will do everything we can, within the restraints of our license, to find a way to cash it. We make sure that all of our customers receive service that is respectful, friendly, fast, accurate, and attentive. It is important to us that you walk away with the feeling that you want to return to a business where you are welcome and important.


Integrity Integrity is how trust is earned. Our employees owe a duty to our customers to act with integrity in a way that earns your trust. To do this we commit ourselves to careful observance of the spirit and letter of all applicable laws and regulations. We commit ourselves to scrupulous regard for the highest standards of personal conduct and personal integrity.


Innovation -- We seek to define and lead the category of transaction based financial services. We are doing this through alliances with banks, insurance companies, and brokerages in the belief that our industry can play an important role in the delivery of financial services. We seek to innovate through technology so we can offer products and services for our allies. We seek to lead the industry in the necessary development of both alliances and technology.


(We are licensed by the New York State Banking Department and are subject to the provisions of article IX-A of the Banking Law.)

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Commercial Checks

Turn your customer checks into instant cash. Itаs fast, convenient and easy. No more waiting for the customer checks you deposited in the bank to clear. No more worrying about over-extending your credit or complaints about not being paid on time. With a RiteCheck Commercial Account you get all these benefits for less than a couple of pennies on the dollar. Visit any RiteCheck location and ask about our Commercial Accounts.

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