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We call cash services those services that enable you to obtain cash at RiteCheck.

  • Cash a "Consumer Check" - A check payable to a person such as a paycheck or a Social Security Check
  • Use your ATM Card to get cash from our ATM
  • Use your ATM Card to get cash from our Point of Banking (POB)Terminal.
  • Use Your EBT to get cash at our POS terminal.

Whichever method you use, you can take the cash and walk out the door, pay a bill, buy a money order, or use one of our many additional services.

Consumer Check Cashing (1.98%)

We cash most kinds of checks including:

  • Payroll Checks
  • Tax Refund Checks
  • Government Checks
  • Insurance Checks
  • Attorney Checks
  • PayNet Checks

We want RiteCheck to be known as the company that provides the best service in New York. That is why we at RiteCheck make every effort to cash your check. Whether it is a payroll, tax, government, insurance, or attorney check, we will do anything and everything in our power to give you your hard-earned money.

What You Should Bring

We ask that you provide your phone number and that you bring a valid identification card the first time you cash a check. A valid form of identification can be, but is not limited to, a drivers license, a state identification card, a learners permit, a passport, or a green card (you may also be asked for your social security number depending on the amount of the check).

Get Your Key Tag

The first time you cash a check at one of our locations you will receive a key tag. Once you have your key tag, you will no longer be required to provide an identification card each time you cash you check, since your key tag will serve as your identification.

How long does it take for the receiver to receive the money via MoneyGram?

Customers send cash and within 10 minutes it is available for pick up by the recipient at a MoneyGram agent anywhere in the world. MoneyGram offers customers the opportunity, where available, to send funds to their chosen recipient's bank account. Additionally, customers can choose to have their money transfer delivered directly to their home address. Home delivery is available to customers of selected agents around the world.

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