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Main Number 718-665-0778


Manhattan Stores

Rite 1 OPEN 24 HRS

718-665-0778 x0104

2500 7th Avenue (at 145th) NYC 10039

Rite 2

718-665-0778 x0204

2602 8th Avenue (at 139th) NYC 10030

Rite 3 OPEN 24 HRS

718-665-0778 x0304

2338 8th Avenue (at 125th) NYC 10027

Rite 4

718-665-0778 x0404

571 West 125th St (at Broadway) NYC 10027


Bronx Stores

Rite 5 OPEN 24 HRS

718-665-0778 x0504

2591 Westchester Ave (at E. Tremont) Bronx 10461

Rite 6

718-665-0778 x0604

715 East 138th St (at Jackson) Bronx, 10454

Rite 7 OPEN 24 HRS

718-665-0778 x0704

583 East 138th St (at St. Anns) Bronx, 10454

Rite 8

718-665-0778 x0804

143 Bruckner Blvd (at St. Anns) Bronx 10454

Rite 9 OPEN 24 HRS

718-665-0778 x0904

1272 Castle Hill Avenue (at Westchester) Bronx 10462

Rite 10

718-665-0778 x1004

2418 Williamsbridge Road (at Mace) Bronx 10469

Rite 11 OPEN 24 HRS

718-665-0778 x1104

1353 East Gunhill Road (at Sexton) Bronx 10469

Rite 12

718-665-0778 x1204

426 East 138th Street (at Willis) Bronx 10454

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Two Party Checks/Identification

Remember that it is a legal requirement that both parties be present must be present if you wish to cash a two-party check and to cash your check, we must ensure that you are the person whose name appears on the check. Be sure you bring proper identification, such as a driverŠ°s license, a state I.D. card, a learnerŠ°s permit, a passport or green card. If you have none of these, bring whatever you have.

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