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RiteCheck Rewards

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Earn Points On Every Transaction

Earn Up To 1.6 Points Per Dollar Cashed

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Cash Back Rewards

Earn RiteCheck reward points and redeem in-store for cash back.

RiteCheck provides the Bronx and Harlem residents and businesses with a variety of financial services. We like to reward those customers who choose us often, which is why we provide RiteCheck Rewards Program as a way to say thank you and give back to those who make our company what it is today.

RiteCheck Rewards Enrollment

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More about our amazing RiteCheck Rewards program

What's the RiteCheck
Rewards Program?

The RiteCheck Rewards Program is a way for you to earn points on every transaction you make with our company, regardless of whether it is for personal use or business use. In fact, every transaction you make with us is available to earn points, so the more you do, the more points you earn.

How do I earn points if I'm
a personal-use customer?

For Personal Financial Services, you will earn 1.4 points for every dollar you transact with us. For example, if you cash a $100 personal check, you will earn 140 points. We also offer points for services that don’t relate to check cashing. For every other transaction you make with RiteCheck, we’ll give you 1 point for every dollar, so if you purchase $100 worth of services (such as a Money Order), you’ll receive 100 points.

How do I earn points if I'm
a business-use customer?

For those interested in Business Financial Services, you can also earn points, specifically 1.6 points for every dollar cashed on a business check. For instance, if you cash a $1,000 business check with us, you’ll receive 1,600 points. There are a variety of ways to earn points for our Rewards Program.

The rewards of being a RiteCheck customer really add up!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Joey M. Contractor

“At all the RiteCheck stores that we use for our business checks, we get the same helpful service and because they have the extra rewards program for businesses for all the checks we cash, we’ve been able to get cash back.”

Victor S. Landscaper

"I can cash my business checks at pretty much any check casher in the area, but when I’m traveling around to jobs I can stop by any RiteCheck store, and at every one they treat me special as a business owner."