For your convenience, we sell both rolled and boxed coins

Whether you need just one roll of coins or multiple boxes of coins, RiteCheck carries United States coins in the following denominations: dollars, half dollars, quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies.


Stop in to any RiteCheck location for rolled and boxed coins

While you’re at RiteCheck cashing a check, paying a bill, or getting a scratch-off ticket, don’t forget to pick up that roll of quarters you need for the laundromat! Rolled and boxed coins are just one example of the convenient services RiteCheck provides for our customers.

> Rolled & Boxed Coins:

> Dollars

> Half-Dollars

> Quarters

> Nickels

> Dimes

> Pennies


Hear it from our customers

Great customer service. Friendly and quick. Compared to the other places in the neighborhood, they’re a breathe of fresh air. Definitely recommend.

Paul Contreas - 5/12/23

Place was clean, professional staff quite a nice place jamely was super friendly and professional great location

Tamika Washington - 5/12/23

Have always had nothing but excellent service in the 10 plus years I have been using this branch! Elizabeth has always been very helpful and professional.

White Padilla - 5/12/23


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Bill pay services allow you to automate the process of paying bills. By linking your accounts, bills are paid automatically, saving time, ensuring consistency, and helping avoid late fees.


Buying rolled coins ensures convenient and organized handling of change in your cash register, streamlining daily transactions, and providing an efficient solution for both customers and staff.

You can usually purchase rolled coins in common denominations, such as pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters, allowing you to maintain a well-stocked cash register to meet the varied needs of your customers.

Purchasing boxed coins offers the advantage of easy storage and accessibility. Boxes are pre-counted and labeled, simplifying inventory management and making it convenient to replenish your cash register when needed.

To ensure security, consider purchasing coins from reputable suppliers. Additionally, implement secure cash-handling procedures within your business, such as regular reconciliations and secure storage, to safeguard against theft or discrepancies.