Empowering New Yorkers: How Places To Cash Checks Support The Unbanked

Financial inclusion is critical to ensuring that everyone has access to essential financial services and tools. Unfortunately, a significant portion of the population remains unbanked, meaning they need access to traditional banking services. As a result, the unbanked often have to seek alternative ways to carry out basic financial transactions, such as cashing payroll checks and paying bills. In this context, check-cashing businesses play a vital role in meeting the financial needs of the unbanked.

A study analyzing unique survey data reveals an intriguing connection between consumers’ decision to patronize places to cash checks and their decision to be unbanked. The decision to use these services and to remain unbanked appears to be interdependent, with one influencing the other. For the unbanked population, check-cashing businesses serve as an essential source for accessing financial services that would otherwise be unavailable to them through traditional banking channels.

Unbanked Population

These check-cashing businesses offer a range of services beyond simply cashing checks. They provide avenues for money transfers, bill payments, and other financial transactions, effectively serving as a one-stop solution for the unbanked’s financial needs. The convenience and accessibility of these services make them particularly attractive to individuals who may face barriers to traditional banking, such as high fees, minimum balance requirements, have been blocked by the Chex System from getting an account, or a lack of access to brick-and-mortar banking branches in their neighborhoods.

The symbiotic relationship between the unbanked population and check-cashing businesses sheds light on the importance of these alternative financial service providers. As long as a significant portion of the population remains unbanked, check-cashing companies will continue to play a crucial role in bridging the financial gap and empowering individuals to carry out basic financial transactions easily. Recognizing the significance of these businesses in promoting financial inclusion is a crucial step toward addressing the needs of the unbanked and building a more inclusive and equitable financial system for all.


Have you ever wondered why some individuals decide to spend extra money to cash a check when they could simply take it to the bank? It turns out that, in many neighborhoods, banks are not easily accessible. Take Manhattan, for example, where there’s only one bank for every 3,000 residents. Now compare this to the South Bronx, known for being one of the poorest regions in the US, which has one bank per 20,000 residents.

bank branch closed

In the past few years, over 1,800 bank branches have shut down nationwide, with 93 percent of these closures taking place in low-income neighborhoods. Decades of redlining are responsible for this gap in banking services, which is why alternative financial services have become prevalent in these areas. Despite the added expense, they’re often the only option for people in need of financial assistance.

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Transparency And Cost

As the cost of bounced checks and various fees imposed by traditional banks continues to escalate, utilizing a check cashing place can emerge as a viable solution that might save individuals money. Bounced checks not only lead to embarrassing situations and damaged relationships but also come with substantial penalties and overdraft fees. These fees can quickly add up, putting a strain on a person’s financial situation.

In contrast, places to cash checks offer a more transparent fee structure, typically charging a fixed percentage or flat fee for check cashing services. By opting for a check cashing service, individuals can avoid the uncertainty of bounced checks and the burden of excessive bank fees, ultimately leading to potential cost savings in the long run.

Furthermore, traditional banks often impose additional charges for maintaining a checking account, minimum balance requirements, or monthly service fees. These expenses can be particularly burdensome for individuals living paycheck to paycheck or those with limited financial resources.

On the other hand, check cashing places provide a convenient and affordable option for accessing funds without needing a bank account. This accessibility makes them a preferred choice for the unbanked and underbanked populations who may find it challenging to meet the stringent requirements of traditional banks. By utilizing a check cashing service, individuals can forego the need for a bank account, thereby avoiding associated fees and potentially saving money on account maintenance charges that may have been incurred otherwise.

Friendly And Familiar

As we witness depersonalization in banking nationwide, people are turning to check cashers for their financial needs. It’s not uncommon to feel like just another number at a big money bank, and once they’ve deemed you unreliable or unworthy, it can feel like there are no other options.

friendly staff

But places to cash checks offer something that big banks cannot: friendly, trustworthy faces in a local business. They remind us of the delivery driver who drops off your groceries in the morning or the pharmacist who works down the block, providing a sense of familiarity and community that we crave. By seeking out these smaller businesses, we show that we value personal connections and genuine service over cold, calculated transactions.

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